Club Tarn

A fun toy from the Somewhere City collection that contains interchangeable pieces making them ideal for adult collectors and kids alike. Club is a bona fide do-gooder, descends from a long line of dog guardian angels. Its nose, ears and legs can be removed and exchanged with other toy parts of the collection to create your own magical creatures.

Somewhere City is a flying city that constantly travels from one part of the planet to the other changing the arrangement of streets and houses so that everybody becomes everybody’s neighbor at least for a day. Inside the gates of Somewhere City you will find an imaginary labyrinth of pure play, where everything is constantly changing. Somewhere City’s motion is fueled by the “Secret Thought” of its wonderful, positive inhabitants. Everything floats in this City – houses, street lamps, even faces.


Developed in collaboration with MoMA New York. For children 3+


9.50 €

Price by model: buy three or more Somewhere City toys and get a 10% discount

Design: Goran Lelas

Material: rubber and plastic

Dimensions: 9x8.5 cm in a box

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