Ijuju! pillow

These house shaped decorative pillows are part of Ijuju! collection and are great combined with Ijuju! hugging doll and play mat, while they can also function very well on their own, not only in children’s rooms but in all rooms of a home. Thanks to their small dimensions they can be used as fun travel pillows. Ijuju! pillows are hand wadded and manufactured in small series by disabled persons in the workshop of Mission for true values and affirmation from Belišće.

Ijuju! is a brand created at Extra Ordinary Design, the second international workshop of inclusive design, held in Osijek, Croatia in 2012.

11.80 €

Design: Extra Ordinary Design

Material: 100% cotton, PU wadding

Dimensions: 28x43 cm (vertical pillow), 39x36 cm (horizontal pillow)

Available colors: printed stripes - black, blue, green, orange

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