This walnut opening knife is an incredibly simple, functional and innovative product. Its shape is based on walnut leaf and it is inclusively and ergonomically adapted for use. Hand crafted from stainless steel, KRTZ! represents a great combination of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary material and design.

KRTZ! is very easy to use – one blade performs all functions: opens the outer shell, removes the inner shell and extracts the nut in just two hand movements.

This is a gift that will please everyone who loves nuts or just pure good design, a great functional souvenir, or an original business gift offering possibility of company logo engraving.


KRTZ! recently won several prestigious product awards, among which the Grand Prix for the best Croatian souvenir!

18.50 €

Design: Tea Janković, etcetera

Material: stainless steel

Dimensions: 8x4cm

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