OBLO spheres

OBLO is the award-winning 3D spherical puzzle that challenges and inspires children of all ages and adults alike. It is an engaging, didactic puzzle ideal for growing minds. Its colorful layer of spheres creates a compelling 3D puzzle. The initial discovery of its parts happens when the puzzle is taken apart. The challenge is putting the spherical elements back together. OBLO is both a tactile and mental toy. As children construct and deconstruct its parts, OBLO develops motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well as engaging children’s curiosity  As they use both of their hands for manipulation, it is also a great preparation for learning to write and draw.

OBLO can also be a very interesting business gift, particularly in the intellectual services industry. For adults, it represents a mental challenge into a new dimension helping to relieve stress and tension by focusing the brain on an entirely different activity.

Product is the winner of several international design awards. For children 4+


“The design engages in a way that few toys – for children or adults – are capable of. This is a world-class design acheivement.” Bill Mak, IDSA, interaction design professional IMI Studios

32.00 €

Design: Marko Pavlović

Material: ABS plastic

Dimensions: 8.3 cm

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