Wall planter for making vertical gardens in your home, office or balcony, saving space on floors, furniture or windowsills. Inspired by origami, traditional Japanese art of paper folding, Walligami is made of soft fabrics and its soil pocket is 100% waterproof while breathable at the same time.

For growing your favorite flowers, plants, herbs or even organic veggies you need to assemble Walligami following simple instructions, fill it with soil, plant a flower and just hang it on the wall. Walligami helps you with watering too, as it has a moisture indicator in the shape of a watering can that appears when soil is dry and disappears when the plant is watered.

This smart and innovative product is designed and produced in Croatia.

25.00 €

Price by model: small 17.00, medium 25.00

Design: Domagoj Šarić

Material: felt, waterproof canvas, metal components

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